Black Crusade: The Damnation Rises

Chapter 3

The Last Guardian

Kor Arzor finds another Thunderhawk and uses its autopilot to reach The Damnation Rises and the space station. He moves towards the medical bay and awakens the final member of the team – Lun, King of Midnight.

The duo hurries towards the Armory where the rest of the team battles cybernetically enhanced mechanisms. Blood and gore are all around, signs of battle are everywhere. As the team finally gets together, they are assaulted from all sides by even more monsters.
They fight wave after wave and Wrack spots something else in another row of crates. What he sees is hard to classify, it can run on all fours if needed, and its hands have blades attached. His tail looks like a scorpion sting, but instead of a stinger – there is a huge spiked ball on the end.

They attack, it retaliates. Wrack splits the enemy in two. The body is full of nano-spiders that have the ability to rebuild their enemy, and Croup figures out that each part of the body can grow into a separate entity. Lun has an idea, and the body and its parts are put into a metal box, which the team drops from a walkway into the cold space.

Back in the warehouse, ledgers are found and servitors are finally sent to clear the place out and restock the ship. Mr. Vandemar notices flying spheres in the warehouse and takes a shot at them. They watch in horror as nano-spiders crawl out of the sphere and being to rebuild the same entity they had defeated a couple of hours ago.

The decision is made, Chaos will fight the entity on the walkway outside of the Armory, and they run there, the Last Guardian giving chase. The formation is assumed and Wrack goes into a defensive stance, ready to hit. The Guardian leaps, Wrack prepares for contact and the Guardian teleports, appearing in the middle of the team. The Psykers oppose the Guardian, while Lun nearly dies when the ball-tail hits him in the head, crushing both the helmet and the head underneath. To further complicate things, each time the Guardian’s blade connects, the Guardian mind-controls its enemy. In the end, they prevail and once more the Guardian is dropped into cold space.

While they recuperate, Frei Flamberger Snr. calls them via vox caster to give them the news – there is a Dreadnaught walking around their ship. Later on, on the bridge, the team discusses strategy. They will try to lure him out of the bridge and destroy him there, as he is clearly a part of the Empire. Mr. Vandermar will be on the station and be a decoy.

As they open the door, the Dreadnaught moves forward, finally reaching the airlock. Mr. Vandermar takes a shot and runs deeper towards the station, but the Dreadnaught doesn’t take the bait. “Chaos abounds outside.” Kor Arzor says over the caster, “Go and kill them!” he commands. His bluff falls short when the Dreadnaught finally speaks…

“Chaos outside? That means you are Imperial scum, and I’m coming to kill you all.”



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