Kor Arzor, Voice of the Neverborn



Kor Arzor was a Dark Apostle of the Chapter of the Sundered Tower, the 8th Grand Host of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion. Physically, he is an imposing towering figure clad in blood-red battle plate, every inch of it etched with chaotical arcane runes and adorned with parchments of human skin proclaming death and damnation to all who oppose the Will of the Gods.

His battle-plate is of ancient design dating back to the days of the Heresy itself. The pauldrons are shaped like leering-daemon faces, emanating sweet-vapours from their eyes and mouths. His chest-piece is adorned with a magnificent eight-pointed star of Chaos, each point inlaid with bones of religious significance. His gauntlets are clawed and his greaves are adorned with bone-like fetishes and streched human skin-parchements.

His skull-like-face (because he lacks lips and cheeks) has the same daemon-runes covering every scrap of his remaining visage, including the inside of his mouth and even extend to the innard of his eyelids. His black eyes constantly weep blood, and his teeth are sharpened, each carrying a different rune of chaos. His helmet is a horned monstrosity shaped into a snarling daemon-skull-visage, not unlike the true monster carrying it.

He carries a huge maul of utter darkness that is essentially two spiked eight-fold stars fused together, the spikes of the handle seem to be impaling the hand that holds it.

His force of will and personality are hard to match and he has suffered grievous injuries in the past by refusing to retreat in the face of insurmountable odds – so strong is his Faith that fear is all but unknown to him, trusting in the Gods to protect their faithful servant. His voice carries the howls of daemons with it, they echo his words in distorted, horryfying manner. He is usually found on the frontlines, chanting passionate prayers and cathechism of Chaos, his presence an unholy beacon around which Forces of Chaos rally.

He hates faithlessness most fervously, immitating his Primarchs ideal and desires nothing but to see the whole of Creation drowned in the Glory that is Chaos.

He carries himself with the conviction of a unshakeable fanatic determined to see the galaxy red with blood of the unfaithful. The most worrying fact is that his fanaticism is surprisingly contagious and his Words of Truth find purchase in the most steadfast of the corpse-emperor’s servants.


Kor Arzor, Voice of the Neverborn

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