Black Crusade: The Damnation Rises

Chapter 1

The Chaos hath awoken

The Chaos hath awoken

The long forgotten station comes to life and cryo-chambers burst open.

The chamber is round, containing 6 cryo-chambers, a green light flickers on and off. Three figures emerge from untold and unspoken millennia of sleep. Wrack, a Khorne Berserker, Kor Arzor, a Dark Apostle of the Chapter of the Sundered Tower and Mr. Croup, an odd member of this group.

As their lungs breathe air in, they try to remember who and what they are. Why are they here? Who had put them in the chambers? Mr. Croup figures out the palm scanner and opens the door. As they find their gear and arm themselves, they realize they have but mere fragments of their previous memories. Whenever they try to remember anything, a nauseating headache takes over and blood drips from their ears and noses.

Who had put their gear in the boxes? And why are their Chaos armors brand new, without any scratches?

As they walk down a long hallway, more and more questions arise, to which they have no answers. The last door is guarded by a scanner, which acknowledges their presence and opens the door.

The next room is hemispheric, covered with displays. It too, comes to life. The central display says ‘Damnation Rises active’. As the group discusses their next move, a face is formed out of the letters on the central display. An A.I. from a bygone era, stuck here, in this facility, with our group.

As they question the ancient A.I., more pieces of information pour in. It is the 43rd century and Chaos lost; Kor Arzor refuses to believe, Wrack is indifferent, Mr. Croup simply doesn’t care.

A huge shutter opens in the backside of the room, revealing a desolate, destroyed world. Fire, brimstone and ash is what covers the surface, the sky is full of fire and lightning. A huge beam of destructive energy hits the surface somewhere far away.

After charting their course towards a skyport, they descend to the lower level of the facility and board a Rhino, their only means of transport.
As they drive, they observe the surface, full of bones. Chaos and the Empire of Man. As marines from both side fell in battle, their armors remained on the surface, locked in combat, but dead and unmoving. The Rhino drives forward.

On the horizon, an ancient city looms, waiting for Chaos to arrive – a huge city made of stone, with huge obsidian walls – a city of ghosts. Skulls cover the streets; there are signs of untold combat here. The body count numbers millions or more. As they exit the Rhino and proceed on foot, they arrive to a city square.

An ancient armor looms over them, more than 3 meters in height, one arm holding a huge battlehammer and the other one grasping the head of a Chaos space marine, with another Chaos space marine on the back of the ancient being. All 3 frozen in time, a moment lost in an endless battle.

Kor Arzor and Wrack decide to defile the armor, drawing chaos runes all over it before proceeding further. As they march on, Mr. Croup, a gifted psyker, hears a sound behind them. The towering monstrosity comes to life, its armor covered in Wolf insignia, his hammer glowing brightly in the presence of Chaos.

Mr. Croup takes cover, realizing his fragility, Kor Arzor assumes a battle stance – but Wrack – Wrack charges. The ancient being locks his hands on his hammer, waiting. There is an explosion as the rockets on its back propel him towards Wrack, who is cast aside, like an old bag. His enemy ends up in the building ahead bringing the whole place down on him.
The group, shrugging it off, continues forward.

As they walk down the empty and dread-filled streets, they notice their enemy on the rooftops. Mr. Croup remains on the lower level, as Wrack and Kor Arzor ascend toward the roof. Up there, they notice their enemy on the opposite building. He charges towards them and leaps across the gap.

In a split second, Wrack charges as well, both axes ready. Metal meets metal, as both bodies collide in air, high above the ground. Mr. Croup summons a Doombolt as Wrack continues to pound on the power armor of his enemy. The leap was a heroic one indeed.
As both bodies plummet towards the ground, the enemy of Chaos penetrates Wrack’s armor with a blade. The bodies hit the street below and drop into murky sewer waters. Kor Arzor runs down the stony stairs.

Two combatants rise from the water and continue to fight as Wrack delivers blow after blow and the Imperator’s servant wounds Wrack further. Chaos wins. As they exit the sewer, they notice the hammer glowing and slowly moving towards the now dead armor. They jump back in and finish it.

Pressing onward, they reach the Starport. A single Thunderhawk awaits.



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